Thursday, December 22

Merry Xmas Everybody!

Ralisa flying high helping me wish everybody a Merry Xmas and an Awesome 2012!!!!

Monday, December 19


Zuzana! The flying squirrel

Friday, December 16

Darya - Rocking her (fake) furs... we hope....

Wednesday, December 14

Bernie : I think she's argentinian... and I'm guessing she's cold... winter comes...

Friday, November 18

Dina - getting dramatic -

Tuesday, November 15

Wednesday, October 19

Wednesday, October 12

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Wednesday, September 14

Tuesday, September 13

Tuesday, July 12


the polish invasion continues... and they've brough guns...


Peace - Rock On!

Wednesday, July 6


Amazonian chic hanging 10 on the couch

Thursday, June 23


Chicago - the land that gave us skyscrapers, obama and NICOLE here in both work and play versions

Wednesday, June 22

Happy Birthday To Me

Well guys here we are, a dribbling toddler just learning to speak.... hope everybodies enjoying the pics! Show your love and comment or like the pic! 

Monday, June 20


Moldovia has just jumped way up the list of places to visit

Friday, June 10


Ania - Poland, 17
4 thumbs up

Thursday, May 26

Wednesday, May 25

Down Time

Hi guys, Andy Olive here. Sorry about the lack of content lately but blogger was having some issue. It all seems to be sorted out now so we should be back to business as usual here at the couch... if anybody has any suggestions, comments, love or hate... drop me a mail and say hi...

Wednesday, March 23

Friday, February 11


Not everything from Beglium is boring...

Thursday, February 10


Another icelandic explosion...

Sunday, January 30


Seeing as I'm in Cape Town for a couple of days... the casting couch has had a revamp...

Monday, January 24


one of switzerland's greatest products...

Thursday, January 13

Wednesday, January 12

Tuesday, January 11


hitching a ride on the casting couch....